The 25th Galesburg Heritage Days

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Galesburg Heritage Days- Military

We are provide battle scenarios for both Saturday and Sunday. Providing a time frame and narrated battles to portray add to the educational authenticity of the event. It is our pleasure to again welcome Mark Hidlebuagh as our Overall Federal Commander and battle planner.

Saturdays' battle plan, "The Sunken Lane".

Sunday's battle plan, "A. P. Hill's Attack".

2018 Command Structure:

Overall Battle Command and Federal Command- Mark Hidlebuagh

Confederate Command- Richard Schmanski

Battle Narrator- Erik Schultz

Units that Attend Galesburg Heritage Days

Federal                       Confederate

36th Illinois Inf.           Austin's Battalion

45th Illinois Inf.           8th Tenn. Inf.

16th US Reg. Inf.       1st SC Inf.  

8th Kansas Inf.           Corn Fed Comrades

112th Illinois Inf.         8th Louisianna Inf.

114th Illinois Inf.         4th Texas Inf. 

5th Illinois Cav.           33rd Alabama Inf. (Yellow Hammer Mess)

6th Illinois Cav.           Wheats Tiger's (Special Battlaion)

8th Illinois Cav.           Saddle Sore Mess Cav.

9th Illinois Cav.           9th Virginia Cav.

10th Illinois Cav.         4th Texas Cav. 

3rd Iowa Lght. Art.      Lexington Rifles

10th Wisconsin Art.    Scott's Tenn. Battery

                                   Stanford's Miss. Battery

We're also asking each camp to police the site around them prior to public hours. Please... No Pop cans, trash bags, modern water jugs, plastic items in view of the public. Doing this will allow to a more authentic setting. These are easy rules, please respect them.