The 25th Galesburg Heritage Days

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Galesburg Heritage Days- Event Details and Park Rules


WELCOME TO HERITAGE DAYS! Early set up starts 8/15/2018.

Event Chairman is Mark Ebner (“Sergt Eb”, 309-335-6541) from the 3rd Iowa Light Artillery. Any questions, contact Sergt Eb, he’s the judge, jury and executioner. Firewood and water are provided. Sunday breakfast will be provided by GHD, served at Carlson’s food tent, bring yer mess gear. Ice is available for sale over at the Rendezvous venue.

1. All tent stakes must be at least 10-feet off the sidewalks/roadways. Underground power lines/water lines are marked with paint. I’d be glad to help you find your campsite.


3. Please remove vehicles from camp by 8am Saturday and transfer to either the baseball field located west of the rendezvous encampment or to the New- Reenactor parking area, which is sign marked and located ACROSS ( just on the east side of Hwy 150 from Public only parking). Please do not park in the Public parking area of the “boat ramp” parking lot.

4. No vehicles allowed in camp after Friday midnight. Setup early Saturday morning before 8 a.m., one hour is allowed.

5. Alcohol is prohibited in the city park. Pillaging is discouraged, but shooting deserters is not.

6. Please keep camps as authentic as possible. Authenticity of attire and camp appearance is expected Saturday and Sunday especially during public open hours.

7. In accordance with park rules, all animals and unattended children must be kept on leashes. Owners are responsible for cleanup after both.

8. Showers are located- with entrances at the beach side of the Lake Storey beach brick pavilion (just west of Rendezvous grounds) and will stay open every day 7am-ish to 10pm.

9. Modern swimwear must be worn to swim at the beach. In the buff is an age old practice and not modern folks… No swimming after hours or at any location other than the swimming beach.

10. Fires must be in dug pits and attended at all times. Please fill and level your fire pit when you leave. Please return unused firewood to main pile.

11. Horse bounties and Artillery powder will be distributed during the event for horses and correct/full size only artillery used on the battlefield. You must clean up after your horse and privates in order to collect the bounty.

12. Safety and good conduct is everyone’s responsibility. We charge no admission/parking fees to the public, so any contributions toward keeping our venues financed are warmly appreciated. (Read Twice)

13. Tear down after 4 pm…ish on Sunday.

THANK YOU for visiting!!