Galesburg Heritage Days

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Galesburg Heritage Days- Civil War Sutlers

      Friends, are you interested in bringing your Suttlery to the Civil War Venue at Galesburg Heritage Days? We do have room to expand! With our fast growing numbers of attending re-enactors, we're looking for a successful variety of sutlers and vendors.  

        For more information, visit our contacts page and drop us an email, Attn: "Sergt Eb"... or shoot us a call! 

Sutlers and Vendors for 2017:

-Fall Creek Suttlery

-Pop Jacks Root Beer 

-Old Pards Sutler

-Comer's Gunsmith Shop

-Seven Shots Sutler

-Allens Laurel Hill Sutlery

                                                                               -Ladies and Gentlemens Emporium

                                                                               -Carlson's Kitchen

                                                                               -Cool Creek Forge