Galesburg Heritage Days

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Welcome to our 2018 Rendezvous Encampment!

     Booshway is Dave Bernhart.  Head Dog Soldier is Jim Martinson. Please go to front gate entrance for   

     information, lost and found, or general first aid. Jim Martinson and all dog soldiers will have armbands on  

     if you need assistance. We will enter each registered camp in our (2) $25 camp drawings. Camp meetings              

     are 7 pm Friday, and 6:30 pm Saturday. Must be present to win.  Trader’s bucks will be given as competition

     prizes.  Each paper buck is worth $5.  They must be spent before 1 pm on Sunday.  Traders will accept these

     as cash for purchases and keep them until Lisa comes around on Sunday after 2 pm to exchange them for cash. 

     Firewood and water are provided.  Ice for sale, $2.50 for 7 lb. bag, $6.25 for 20 lbs.  Rendezvous quilt &                                          

     smoker tickets are $1 each, 10/$5, or 30/$10. We will also have silent auction items, donations are welcome.

     Main entrance gate open 8 am to 8:30 pm Wednesday through Friday. Closed during school day 9-2.   


   1.  Please check with Booshway prior to setting up if you require a quiet area.  We do not enforce a set quiet    

         time, this is a rendezvous.  However, (Please and Thank You!) be courteous to your neighbors. 


   2.  Trade goods are up to the discretion of our commissioner,“Wolfie Steggall”. Pre-1840’s rules, please  

         comply. Trade guidelines are printed on the back of this form.  Trader meeting Thursday 7pm Shelter #1.                                            

  3.  All tent stakes must be 10-feet off sidewalk. No camping in roadways. Power lines are marked in red.


  4.  Place parking pass on car dash. No Vehicles come in or out when raining.  No parking on walkways.


  5.   Parking up front is for public handicapped people only.  After setup, please park in re-enactor parking

        area by the baseball field.  We have signs posted. Vehicles are not allowed in camp overnight without

        booshway permission.  After setup, no driving in and out gate entrances. Early setup allowed on Saturday     

        morning at 6 am.  Vehicle must be out by 7 am.

  6.  Please keep all camps authentic, all modern things must be kept out of sight or covered. Period correct

        dress required after setup until Sunday teardown.  No flip-flops. Cell phones are to be used in tents only.


  7.  Alcohol is prohibited in our city park.  Camp closed to the public at 8:30 pm. 


  8.  To compete in events, you must be registered.  16 and over compete as adults. Prizes awarded at Saturday      

         night camp meeting.

   9All animals must be kept on leashes 10-feet or less.  You are responsible for your pets.  This includes

        cleaning up after them and also their behavior. Thank you for your cooperation!


10.  Modern swimwear must be worn to swim at the beach. Open Saturday - Sunday 11 am – 6 pm.  PLEASE

       Read:  NO LIFEGUARDS on duty starting 2016.  Swim at own risk and only during swimming hours. 

       Please change back to rendezvous attire before you return to camp.  Showers will be open every day 7 am 

       to 10 pm. 

11.  Safety and conduct of young people is the responsibility of parents/guardians.  All young people under 18

        must be back and stay in rendezvous camp at 11 p.m. on Friday night and after the dance on Saturday night.

 12.  Fires must be in a pit and attended at all times.  Please fill and level your fire pit when you leave.  Please   

        return unused firewood to the front gate. Thank you for your cooperation!

 13.  Tear down after 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.  Early outs before 6-8 a.m. if necessary.  Please drive in SLOWLY.


See you next year, August 16-18, 2019!  Early Setup starts Wednesday, August 14th.